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Buenos Aires Real Estate Tours.

Either if this is your first visit to Buenos Aires, or you want to know better a district, We encourage you to take one or more of our Personal Walking Tours focused on real estate.

We have several walking, cultural, shopping and night Guided Tours. We offer a variety of personalized walking and sightseeing tours to choose from. The special thing about these tours is that there are organized only for you, according to your preferences, likes and taste.

Personal Walking Tours: You can explore the nicest neighborhoods of Buenos Aires accompanied by a young local professional, who will show not only the typical tourist circuits, but the coolest places of the city.

Get a taste of local life, artisan shopping areas, as well as modern malls. Enjoy a day discovering Recoleta accompanied by a Recoleta neighbor. Get a walk across the exclusive area of "Barrio Parque", where argentine old families and TV stars mansions are located. 

Get around the fashionable area of Palermo SoHo, Hollywood and Las Caņitas, with your local guide. Loose yourself in the fresh air of Palermo Woods. And much more... Tell the guide in advance what your main interests are, and he will plan your personal tour.

The tours are personal, and very popular, so It’s better to book them in advance to ensure availability (

If you are not sure of your schedules or what days/hour you will have available to take the tours, o which is your Hotel you can make a provisional booking (indicating is provisional in the booking form), and send the remaining info later.


San Telmo & Downtown area Personal Walking Tour: includes Plaza de Mayo, Casa Rosada -the place where Evita used to talk to the people-, the Cathedral, San Telmo´s antique shops, plaza and fair. San Telmo is the old neighborhood of the city, is very nice and bohemian. And Puerto Madero docklands. (the best day to do this tour is the Sunday because is the day the antique fair functions).


Palermo Personal Walking Tour: Palermo is the biggest neighborhood in Buenos Aires, it includes from expansive parks, big mansions, embassies, a Japanese Garden, the Latin American Art Museum, a Planetary, the biggest Mosque in South America, an Hippodrome, Polo courts, a brand new fashionable area of bars, restaurants, independent designers clothes and decoration stores, a Rose Garden, and a lot more. The good thing about this tour is that you discover some areas like Palermo Soho, usually out of tourist circuits, but were real Argentines hang out.


Recoleta Personal Walking Tour: will include a walk through Santa Fe Avenue, Plaza San Martin, a visit to the Fine Arts Museum, to enter the Recoleta Cemetery, walk around these incredible crypts, learning some incredible stories (including Evita's tomb), sightsee the big mansions and the most exclusive shops as well more mid class shopping and bars area in Santa Fe Av., and a huge artisan and craft market in French Plaza (mostly on weekends).


Nightlife Tours: Buenos Aires like Madrid, Barcelona or New York, is a city that never sleeps!  People go out very late, and hang out all night. Night Tours usually consist of having dinner in a trendy restaurant area out of tourists circuits (we will recommend restaurants according the type of food you want to eat), then go to different bars, and finally to one or more night clubs. The guide will suggest the restaurant areas, bars and clubs to go according to your preferences.


Shopping Tours: Buenos Aires used to be among the most expensive cities of the World. Nowadays, after two years of recession, and  devaluation, the dollar has jumped from 1 to 1 to 3 pesos (It reached 4), but inflation couldn't follow it.  

 As a result of that, you have an over valuated dollar. This exceptional situation, gives tourists the unique opportunity to buy high quality products at discounted and often ridiculous low prices.

A typical Shopping Tour would include going to a leather direct from factory shops, and visit the most important malls, shopping streets in Recoleta and Palermo SoHo, artisan fairs and stores in the city, avoiding tourist oriented shops like the ones in Florida Street. The tour also depends on what do you want to buy.


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Last Update: 06 de October de 2011