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Property Searching Services

For people who is thinking about investing in real estate or relocating to Buenos Aires Buenos Aires or Argentine, Buenos Aires Real Estate Guide offers you the perfect set of local resources to find your way into this extraordinary market with the minimum of complication and maximum security.

Real Estate Guide Buenos Aires’s ‘Property Search’ service is based on the experience I acquired helping many friends and clients to buy their apartment in this wonderful city.

According to media reports the market in Buenos Aires is right now buoyant with many of the best properties being sold before they hit the open market. By having a retained property expert on the spot you will be able to save both time and money as well as ensuring that you don’t miss out on any suitable properties. Real Estate Guide Buenos Aires will only represent your interests in a totally independent and non biased way, and will work only for you the buyer. We don't represent the interests of the seller because we are not a realtor.

Buenos Aires Real Estate Guide will match all suitable properties to your specified criteria. Because we are not a realtor we will show you all the properties of Buenos Aires, from all the real estate agencies, while most realtors will try -wether they promise not to do it- to sell you what they have in stock, because they get the double commision.

Buenos Aires Real Estate Guide will update you by e mail with digital photographs and independent commentary, starting whenever possible, before your arrival in Argentina. We will continue to liaise with you by telephone for the purposes of compiling a shortlist.

Real Estate Guide Buenos Aires will then arrange a bespoke program, including when required, airport pick-up, hotel or rental accommodation and accompanied viewings. Should you request it, we can also provide advice for such periphery needs as airline flights, tours around the country, car rental, entertainment, and even Tango and Spanish lessons.

o Real Estate Guide Buenos Aires can also refer you to a hand picked list of trust-worthy English speaking lawyers, bankers, surveyors, architects, builders and craftsmen. Just as Buenos Aires Real Estate Guide cannot ultimately take responsibility for a referral, it can equally confirm that all such recommendation will always be provided with no expectation of any commission to Real Estate Guide Buenos Aires.


o Deposit

A retainer of 300 USD is payable in advance. This is fully refundable against the purchase fee and is levied to ensure that Buenos Aires Real Estate Guide works only with clients fully committed to the idea of purchasing property.

o Acquisition fee

A fee of 2.00% of the purchase price of your property (subject to a minimum of USD$1000). This fee is payable upon the signing of the purchase contract.

o All disbursements Local travel and general expenses are included in the above fees. Airport pick up and accommodation will be quoted separately and in advance.


Email us at and we will send you an Agreement and Instructions to make the payment of the deposit.



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