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Relocating vs Investing
Searching Properties
Making Apointments
Visit the Apartments
Making an Offer
Realtor Commisions
Money Transfer
Getting a Tax ID
Purchase Contract
Opening a Bank Account
Short Term Rental
Property Tax
Federal Income Tax


This guide is divided in 17 sections where we will explain step by step all the information you need to purchase real estate as an investment in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The sections are ordered in a sequential order. We explain each step in a comprehensive way, making you easier to understand the whole process of buying property in Buenos Aires.

Section 1: Relocating vs. Investing in Real Estate, here we will describe the main issues you should take in mind when buying real estate property in Buenos Aires.

Section 2: Searching properties in Buenos Aires, explains the distinctive features of a real estate search in Buenos Aires, and provides the best sources to find the property you are looking for.

Section 3: Making Appointments and iSection 4: Visiting the apartment give tips how to make an appointment to see the apartment, and things you should take in mind when visiting different properties in Buenos Aires.

From Section 5: Making a Reservation Offerwe start to concrete the operation, which first step would be to Make and Offer on an apartmet and how to pay the  reservation fee.

Section 6 - Realtor Commisions explains the commission that Buenos Aires realtors charge for real estate operations.

In Section 7 Tranfering the money to Argentina we cover one of the more complex parts of the buying process which is to transfer the money to Argentina in order to do the payment.

Section 8: How to get a Tax ID provides step by step information on how to get Tax ID Number in Argentina (You will need it for Money Transfer, signing the Escritura and to open a bank account).

In Section 9: Escribano describes the role and importance of having a good Escribano Público (Notary) .

We explain in Section 10: Boleto - Pruchase Contract what is the "Boleto" or property purchase contract.

In Section 11: The Escritura we will cover the Escritura signature and the contents of the escritura itself.

The Section 12: Opening a Bank Account in Argentina explains how to open a Bank Account in Argentina, in order to receive rent payments, and be able to pay services and taxes of the apartment using internet.

Section 13: Renting the Apartment lists the major short term real estate agencies in Buenos Aires, and details the usual conditions.

Section 14: Property Tax and Section15: Income Tax make a review of the taxes you would have to pay related to the property and the revenues it will generate in the future.

Section 16: Buying Furniture shows a sample inventory of furniture and other electronic equipments for the apartment and estimative costs.

Section 17: Insurance  explains the importance to hire an individual fire insurance additional to the one the building already has


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